Saturday, November 3, 2007

Power Play

Ok my new thoughts on the last episode.

1. I loved that Cuddy and House were acting like five year olds with the pranks. He does something and she returns the favor. It's awesome.

2. I love how House adds the Cuddy's gonna get pregnant comment. By who? House? It's interesting how he knows that she's doing it, maybe she's doing it with him. Makes me hope for a Huddy baby.

3. I love how House expects Cuddy to argue with him and doesn't feel right when she doesn't. It's beautiful. It's like she's his challenge and when she's not a challenge he feels lost. Loved it.

4. Finally my thoughts on House being the dominant one. I still don't think the question is fully answered. The patient said two things. SHUT UP! and YOU HAVE AWESOME APPLES! or something along those lines. What I think is interesting is that he said SHUT UP like Cuddy. The second part was like House. I think they're both dominant and neither of them are on top. However I think it goes back to Cuddy stroking House's ego. Did anyone else notice that? Maybe she didn't argue it because she wants to get her way in the end. In the end she did. Foreman stayed. Technically House lost.

Any thoughts? Is is just me or is the Huddyness really starting to heat up? They're getting more and more WHOA every episode.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cuddy's Power

Who here just screamed when Cuddy put Foreman in his place? That is why I love that woman, she uses her power so well and doesn't piss anyone off in the process, except House once in a while. The flowers too. Didn't House put down three of them before he started handing them out? Maybe they're for Cuddy. I will cheer so hard if in the next episode there's a vase of pink peonies.

I can' t wait for the next episode. I just can't can't wait. House embarrassing Cuddy? I wonder what she's going to throw back. Can't wait! Predictions?


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Huddy Love List

I know there are these everywhere, but I want to know everything that you guys think of when you think about Huddy and all the reasons why you love them together. From their banter to their romance, list everything they've done that just scream MORE THAN FRIENDS!


Hello my fellow obsessive patients at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. I created this blog because I support the House and Cuddy ship and that there's a lot to discuss about our two favorite doctors. This is my first blog so it might take a while for me to get this thing off the ground, but I'm going to try my best.

The Huddy relationship adds something new to squeal about almost every episode. So for every episode as soon as I see it I'm going to post a discussion about it and every one can over analyze like we all want to do.